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Carnal Consummations » The Categories
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The Categories

Everybody has different tastes, so I divide my stories into broad categories to help people find what they like. I’m also working on a tagging system that will be more important as the archive grows, so if you wanted to find all stories featuring (for instance) live cooking regardless of category, you could.

Meat Girls

These are stories which feature whole women (or at least, mostly whole women) being evaluated, prepared, and/or eaten as a source of food. The focus tends to be on the meat girl as a whole, so the story will often begin while she is still alive and include her reactions to the process.

Breast Meat

Breast meat stories are cannibalism stories focusing specifically on a woman’s breasts. May include pre-meal play and tit torture, live roasting, slicing, debreasting, and eating of the breasts.


Butchery stories are stories that focus on the act of dispatching a woman and/or processing her for meat. Other stories on the site may deal with these things in the course of the plot; for a butchery story, it is the plot. These stories may strike some as being darker than the rest of the fare I serve.


Special holiday-themed stories.


The tags I use include:

  • asphyxiation: The story deals with hanging, smothering, or strangulation.
  • cannibalism: The story explicitly involves cannibalism. Most of the stories do. Some don’t.
  • carne club: This story features the Carne Club, a local cannibal cookout association.
  • cassandra: The character Cassandra is featured in this story.
  • debreasting: A whole breast is removed.
  • decapitation: Somebody loses a head.
  • dolcettesque: Like much of Dolcett’s work, takes place in a world where female submission and/or cannibalism is an accepted norm.
  • fantasy elements: Contains magical creatures or elements above and beyond the normal improbabilities, implausibilities, and impossibilities of cannibal fetishes.
  • femcan: Focuses on a female cannibal(s).
  • incest: The story involves sex between blood relatives.
  • live cooking: Somebody is prepared as food while still alive.
  • live eating: Someone is eaten while still alive and intact.
  • non consensual: The victim of the story is not a volunteer.
  • objectification: The victim is transformed or otherwise used as an “object” of some kind, apart from food or a fucktoy. (Furniture, decoration, etc.)
  • place des filles: The story takes place at the Place Des Filles restaurant.
  • snuff: Somebody is killed “in view of the audience” in the course of the story.
  • the society: The story involves The Society, an influential group of cannibals.
  • wager: The subject of the story is a bet or game of some kind.
  • willing: The “victim” in the story is entirely willing.
    The stories are also tagged by length: short (about 2,000 words or less), medium (about 2,000-5,000), or long (5,000 words or more).

    These are just the categories in which I have stories so far. Feel free to e-mail me (c a r n i e @ c a r n a l, and so on) to let me know what you’d like to see more of. I aim to please.